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Palestine, Arwa Adhami_Ramallah, Palestine

Mention Energheia Palestine Award 2018

Palestine, Palestine, Palestine, at often times, when you hear the word Palestine, do you even feel like you exist, or that you belong to the world? What is a human being? Does human even exist? Well for me, sadly I feel as if my identity does not respond to the human nature and world. Why? Well there is something called social media that claim Palestinians as the bad guys. In fact, we live in a world filled with idiots because people are so addicted to fake disgusting and disturbing news. The idea about social media is increasing and it is brainwashing the world. This is very outrageous, ill and sick. I want to speak up, I want to yell, I want to shout, I want to tell Mr. Donald trump to wake up and stop being blind, I want to put my anger on all the obnoxious ass people who think they are better than everyone else. I want the world to wake up, WAKE up to the occupation that is happening on a daily basis. Is it that hard to ask? Mothers weeping towards their children who are taken to prison for no dam reason, this is just a horrible scene of crime. A five year old, even a four year old is taken into court? Why, Well my fellow members, I will tell you why? I will tell you the reason why, I am labeled as a Palestinian, as long as I am labeled Palestinian, I am the bad and guilty guy. This breaks my heart and I will continue to write my emotions and feelings down a paper because a Palestinians’ voice is not heard. I will drag, drop, and make sure my paper is worth reading because I know that I am a human being that deserves peace and clarity. I am a Palestinian; I will continue to say that I am a Palestinian because this is my identity, my blood, and my state. One more time, I am a proud Palestinian.  Now continuing my speech, to every single human being who feels lonely, abandoned, and even isolated, from their hometown and country, I just want to tell you, that I’m here, and I understand you, I feel you, and I have sympathy for you. I want to tell you I’m sorry, I’m sorry we are not allowed to enter our city, our land, and our blood hometown. I am sorry, please, forgive me, if there is anything I could do to solve this massive issue, I would risk anything. One more time, I am sorry. I am sorry for the tears that come down your face every time you see a disturbing image, whether it’s a martyr, or a baby covered with blood because of a bombing, or our home being destroyed, I am truly sincerely sorry my dear friend.  Now, there is something that I need to let out, it’s been inside me for a while now, there was recently a school shooting that happened a few weeks ago, in Florida, the shooter killed 17 members of that school, I just want to say that I stand with the students of that high school, I have much respect to those students who are willing to raise their voice and permit guns for minors, I stand with you, every single one of you, although, isn’t it kind of ironic that Palestinians go through this kind of act on a daily basis in order to get their education? The other day, there were undercover Israeli Armies dressed as if they are Palestinians; they eventually had the opportunity to enter Birzeit university campus to arrest a Palestinian. They had guns and started to shoot at the students, which is normal, when I think about it, the shooter that had entered the high school in Florida began to shoot, while many students, were terrified of this horrifying event. Students hiding in classrooms, calling their parents to tell them this might be the last time they will ever hear from them. On the other hand, the Palestinians only weapons are rocks. We are used to this tragedy and it just really sucks. To me this is kind of ironic because AMERICA we feel you, we know how it feels when a shooter enters the school or university. We Palestine’s are in the same position as you and I’m sorry for this, I am sorry, 17 members were killed. And I am sorry for the Palestinians’, that can’t even get their education, I am sorry. America wake up please, especially you Donald trump; you are a president, so just act like it. Even though people may laugh at me because I continue to raise my voice for the freedom of Palestinians, I will continue to ignore their pathetic comments because one day Palestine will be free. There is something called hope and unless someone can come down and destroy this word, I will never continue to back down on my country. PALESTINE, come on everyone reading this, scream, yell from the top of your lungs, FREE FREE PALESTINE, FREE FREE PALESITNE, FREE FREE PAESTINE, FREE THE PEOPLE OF PALESTINE. Imagine holding the flag with the beautiful colors representing red, white, green, and black, imagine waving it back and forth in the air, put that freedom in your soul and surrender yourself with peace. This is what I am desperately asking for, I want peace and freedom, I want the occupation to end, I want to start a campaign MARCH FOR PALESTINE, just like those brave and influencing students that demand gun laws. I want my voice to be heard. ENOUGH, ENOUGH, ENOUGH, it’s time to end this occupation. It’s time to return every refugee camp from all around the world and take them back to their homeland. ENOUGH is ENOUGH. We need to surrender peace and freedom. My dear sincerely country, where every day martyrs loose their life because of PALESTINE, I am sorry that you didn’t get the chance to complete your adventures in your life, there so much to do, and it was taking away from you, I am sorry and yet proud, I am proud for my Palestinian brother and sisters that die for their blood country, that risk their life and put their family through pain, but I want to tell you something my fellow members. To all the mothers who lost their children though this tragic death scene, well you need to be proud, you need to be proud of your son that stood up for their country, the blood that he lost is not something to be ashamed of, yet it is something extraordinary amazing. I would be astonished if my son had died as a martyr; he left me with dignity, pride, and honor. This is what I call I man. I would brag and tell the world, I AM A MOTHERS MARTRY.  FREE FREE PALESTINE! Now when you hear the word checkpoint, what comes on your mind? Many people may not recognize the term because they are not surrounded by a “checkpoint” on a daily basis. As a proud Palestinian, bringing up the topic about checkpoints, I do not feel ashamed of the issue because I know that someday every single checkpoint that is provided in Palestine will disappear. When, well I don’t know when, but I know that hope exits and I will never let go of hope. I will continue to hold on to that piece of hope because I know it exits. Every day, whether I need to travel somewhere far, that mother fucking checkpoint blinds my eyes. The way it is built and structured frustrates and irritates me even more because I hate seeing that image. I wake up happy at most times in the morning because I want to head to college, although when it comes to transportation, I become a different person because of the reminder I have to go through. Did you know that the Israeli army would have the courage to start an enormous traffic road for hours by stopping every single car and not allowing them to continue their adventure? Now where is the humanity, where is the kindness that needs to be placed? Oh wait, were Palestinians, and as long as you’re labeled Palestinian, you will suffer through their disgusting checkpoints. What if someone is injured hurt, or in labor, in a condition like this, you need to be rushed immediately to the hospital. Your life can instantly be taken away by situations like this. Even if there is war between the Palestinians and Israelis, you need to put everything aside and help each other. Especially since that injured person is not out to hurt anyone in a checkpoint, so why not surrender clarity and peace for just that moment. I mean if I was ever to start a checkpoint, I would set my enemies aside and communicate with them whatsoever. There is no need to be selfish. But no, the Israelis will continue to throw rage and war towards the Palestinians. As long you are labeled Palestinian, you will never feel peace or freedom which makes me depressed.  I am just tired of this condition. It makes me angry a lot. I encounter many checkpoints, as I head to my university to get my education, sometimes they stop the driver and make us go another longer way to head to the location where my university is at. What if I have a test to take, an event to participle in, or if the professor is very strict in allowing his students to come in late to class? What is my excuse, oh I’m sorry, but I was stopped by a dam checkpoint since I am a Palestinian. I’m sorry I couldn’t attend campus at the specific time class starts. I’m sorry for missing the event, I’m sorry for being late to take my test, I am sorry. The funny thing is that I encountered all these situations more than once. Man this makes me very angry.  You know, I get very pissed off to all the human beings who have freedom, who have a taste of peace. Man I envy them at an enormous level. Man there lucky they don’t deal with this dam occupation on a daily basis, not going through checkpoints, man there lucky. I hate when people complain about their life. They need to come to Palestine, and observe how the children are living, these children are living in a prison. Do you know what a prison is? A prison is not something to be pleased about. Even though many of us Palestinians are not behind bars, the fact that you are in Palestine is a prison to me metaphorically. When you have a wall displayed in front of you, how would you feel? Just imagine what the other side of the wall has to offer, it’s as if you’re standing on a two way street, and you must decide which street you must proceed to. The street that is located on the right includes freedom, the most beautiful places located in, in other words its paradise, and you don’t need to deal with any bullshit. Well for us Palestinians, we must enter the other street, the “left” street, which has NOTHING, you are walking into hell, torture, and punishment. Well let me tell you how I feel, I feel like as if I’m treated as an animal, where I must obey their orders, and if I do not, there will be consequences. This is just horrible; I wish this occupation would just end. If you share anything on social media, try to raise your voice towards the group of armies, you will immediately will be arrested. You must obey their commands, don’t forget that you’re talking to “giants”. The most ironic thing is that the Israeli army force are the cowards. Without their weapons and suits, they are nothing, in fact, they are scared of the Palestinians. Otherwise, why do they have guns on them at all time? Why not challenge a fight? Or are you that scared you will die first in the battle? Well this is how I understand their situation. Israel, my dear message to you all is that you are the cowards. Stop hiding and come out, take that ugly ass green suit off, and fight the Palestinians. I want to see who can actually win a battle. This explains my point directly, we Palestinians have the courage to throw rocks, and surrender power towards the cowards, while they hold weapons to survive. Please, its 2018, act like men rather than cowards. I wish people from all around the world would just visit Palestine, and see what’s going on. Many people don’t realize that Palestine exits which makes me upset. Although, I want to say that I have much respect for the all the human beings that develop protests from all around the world, thank you for your astonishing and breathtaking voices. Thank you for taking up your time by expressing your emotions on a poster, thank you for raising those posters high up into the sky. Thank you for grabbing that microscope and showing sympathy for the Palestinians. I guess humanity does exist. One more time thank you. But I always continue to remind myself even though I am put into a tragedy, I should continue to smile, smile for all the enemies that think they are better than us. A smile is the key to hope, happiness, power, and peace. Trust me, this is the only way I’m surviving. Keep smiling after the death of the Palestinians, keep smiling after the homes being destroyed, keep smiling after the every funeral you attend, keep smiling after you throw a rock, keep smiling after every announcement that Netanyahu has to offer about the Israelis harming none of the Palestinians. Just keep smiling, why, because after all the torture that we face, we PALESTINIANS never give up. We are still standing and raising our voices that Palestine will be free. WE continue to fight for our existence, freedom, and our country. This is our home, so please while we are in an occupation, I will continue to smile through the bull shut that is in my way. I have a dream just like Martin Luther king who has presented himself to every single human being, I have a dream that I will stand on the top of the highest mountain raising that Palestinian flag swinging it back and forth where the wind will enter my soul and I will feel good, I will feel good that we never gave up. Oh Palestine, my dear country, you will be free. One day, we will leave this prison and encounter the unhidden areas. FREE FREE PALESTINE. Something that I am very proud of is, the moment when the Israeli Army Government refused to let the Palestinians pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque, my heart just melted, it’s as if I had a bullet triggered inside me, but what astonished me the most is how people reacted to the situation and did not let the Israelis go through this action. The Palestinians went through hell in order to enter Al-Aqsa mosque but it was worth, it was worth all the pain that the Palestinians had to go through because we fought for our mosque. Seeing all the Palestinians outside the gates and praying for their freedom shows that we will never be frightened of the consequences. I call this bravery. One day Palestine will be free, you are my dignity, state, honor, pride, and the symbol of hope. To every single city, state, and country that is occupied, I just want you to know that I understand what occupation offers us. I know how it feels to be treated like a slave, I know my fellow members. One day, when the world acknowledges Palestine, I want to be the first proud Palestinian to explain that it’s okay of what we went through, we managed to get out of this hell. We survived all the disasters that was placed upon us. WE DID IT. I will always continue to represent Palestine. One more time, be proud of your dignity!