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My experience in Matera_ Ani Nersesyan_Armenia

“That one week, that I was able to spent in Matera was the most unforgettable time. On one side the mesmerizing beautiful ancient city, on the other side the interesting and productive time with writers, authors and publishers.
I learned so much during that one week, from the organizers of the Energheia Prize, from the winners from other countries, from the writing course, but also from the city.
Matera taught me to not take the life as for granted, not to rush things and to enjoy life slowly, try to be optimistic, to catch every second of my life within its beauty – either good or bad.
From 3rd till 9th of september I learned within the Energheia Prize how to use my creativity in my writing, how to use my thoughts and how to communicate right.
I enjoyed my every second there – wether in the UniBas or in my leizure time with my peers. The fact, that especially my story “The many-voiced silence of Armenia” has brought me to that literature course in Matera, makes me very emotional and proud. I hope I could reach many hearts and souls in Matera with my story about my land and my nation. I hope I could raise awairness avout the cruelties that happen right now in Armenia.
For all of this I am thankful to the organisators, to jury and those, who welcomed me very warmly in that ancient italian city. Matera left for forever a mark on my heart.”