I racconti Futuro remoto

My vision_Dina Makkouk

_Creating and living a new world rich of adventures has always been my private luxury.

Started at thirteen years old as my secret activity, then developed with my first published story.

Later, at university, I got all the encouragement I needed with every magazine issue publishing a new story of mine.

But I always felt it as a nice hobby, not more.

Energheia prize was the real light showing me the way, the mission.

As writers in my opinion are messengers of art, love, philosophy and values.

Since literature was not my area of study, I had to go to university again to polish my talent. Since then, many stories have come to life waiting for the right time to be published in a book.

I see myself in coming years, attending conferences here and there and trying to find myself among professional writers around the globe.

All my gratefulness to Energheia prize that was an important turning point in my life.